Just been to the launch of Cyber Security Awareness Week at Parliament.  Was organised by Netsafe, and very good with simple messages. The four main messages are:

  1. Update everything
  2. Backup your files
  3. Secure your wireless
  4. Use strong passwords

The update and backup everything speak for themselves. I mainly backup online now, but data and storage is still too expensive to do regular total backups. Ideally I’d love real-time backing up.

On securing the wireless, they recommend you use WPA2 rather than WEP, and if using free wireless somewhere don’t do anything financial or sensitive. Also make sure the login to the router has been changed from the default.

The password advice is 15 characters with a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols – plus some upper and lower case. Also turn on the password or pin on your smart phone.

They have a number of websites people can check out, for advice.

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