Focusing on the big issues

The Dom Post reports:

The Beehive may soon be producing honey – if a plan for more urban honey production goes ahead.

Andrew Robinson, managing director of Love Honey, is gaining support for a plan to put functioning beehives on top of the Beehive.

“We came up with a great idea to have parliamentary honey because beehives on the Beehive sounds really good.” …

The project has received the support of the Green Party and Wellington Mayor .

Green Party MP is confident the project will take off because people recognised the importance of in our environment.

“They’re charismatic creatures and people identify with them. Clearly no-one likes to be stung but we all do love … seeing them on our flowers, on our flowering plants.

Nice to see the Green MPs and our Green Mayor focusing on the big issues.

Never heard of bees described as charismatic before.

But rather than place some beehives above the Cabinet Office, why not place them in the offices in Bowen House, if they identify so strongly with these charismatic creatures?

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