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Stuff reports:

Animal welfare advocates outraged at the possibility of party pills and synthetic cannabis being tested on rats and dogs have been “gagged” by politicians, a Labour MP says.

Hundreds of submissions objecting to animals being given lethal doses of legal highs before they are tested on humans have been pushed to one side by the health select committee.

Submitters were also prevented from appearing before the committee in Wellington this week, while others – including health professionals, legal high retailers and users – were allowed to speak.

Chairman Paul Hutchison said the issue was “outside the scope” of the Psychoactive Substances Bill, which would put the onus on manufacturers to prove their mind-altering products were safe before they hit the shops.

Labour Party associate health spokesman Iain Lees-Galloway said that technically this was correct but, “at the very least, the select committee should be able to hear submitters and offer a considered opinion on the issue”.

What an absolute beat-up.

You can’t hear submissions on an issue that is out of scope on a bill. That is not gagging.

This would be like me complaining that I can’t turn up to a hearing on an electoral reform bill and talk about national standards.

If they wish to be heard on the issue of drug testing on animals, then they should do a petition to Parliament, and seek to speak to it, when it is considered by a select committee.

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