Who might get Radio NZ Sundays

Stuff reports:

Broadcaster Mark Sainsbury is eyeing Radio New Zealand’s Sunday Morning slot following presenter Chris Laidlaw’s resignation.

The former Close Up presenter said he had yet to lodge a formal application, but was certainly interested in the Sunday Morning job.

“It’s a great gig that Sunday morning one, and there’s a huge amount of potential to do something with it. But I also know there are a lot of very well qualified people interested in it as well.

Sainsbury would be a very strong contender.

Broadcaster Bill Ralston said if it were his choice, it would be between Mark Sainsbury and Noelle McCarthy.

“Mark is not bad at the human interest interviews. He’s got a great strength in those, but Noelle is very bright as well.”

Someone under 40 would be novel!

Long-time broadcaster Bill Ralston speculated on a good pick for the show. Applications close on December 2.

Fill-in radio host Noelle McCarthy: Definitely, I would think a very serious contender.

Media3 host and blogger Russell Brown: Possible. He would be a contender, but I would certainly put people inside the shop ahead of people outside the shop.

Mark Sainsbury: A really good choice.

Anna Guy: Yeah, nah.

Radio hosts John Tamihere and Willie Jackson: Non-starters.

Jim Mora: Yeah, if he wants to retire back to one day a week, and he might do, in which case that would open up his shift to someone like Mark Sainsbury or Noelle McCarthy. He would be ideal in some respects.

3rd Degree host Guyon Espiner: I somehow doubt it. Don’t see him as a serious contender, although he could do it well.

Blogger Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury: He’s too Left even for National Radio.

Broadcaster Susan Wood: Definitely. They need more on air, to be honest . . . I would see her as a better than adequate person to do it.

Ex-TV reporter Richard Langston: Has a lot of ability, but I don’t see him necessarily as a primary contender.

Back Benches host Wallace Chapman: If they wanted someone younger, hipper, cooler, groovier, he’d be a guy to look for.

I can’t see it being Anna Guy!

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