Laila Harre is the Internet Party Leader

NBR and the Daily Blog both report that is the Leader of the .

I think this is great. Laila is a good politician, but she will attract zero votes from National supporters. She will however attract votes from the Greens – the party she worked for just a few months ago.

I also love the hilarity of a life long unionist getting paid a whopping great salary from the multi-millionaire convicted criminal who was accused by his staff of not even paying them minimum wage.

I also don’t think Laila has ever shown any interest or involvement in Internet issues. She is a staunch unionist and hard left activist. Laila becoming Leader of the Internet Party because she presumably uses the Internet is like me becoming Leader of the Greens because I eat them sometimes.

Next we’ll see Rajen Prasad being announced as the new female co-leader of the Maori Party.


Heh just had this e-mailed to me.

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