NZ’s largest donors

An update from the electoral Commission on who the largest donors have been since beginning of 2013, to our political parties.

  1. Colin Craig to Conservatives $725,000
  2. Estate of Brian James Dalley to Labour $430,259
  3. Kim Dotcom to Internet Party $250,000
  4. Phillip Mills to Labour and Greens $124,999
  5. Alan Gibbs to ACT $100,000
  6. Lawrence & Katrina Day to Conservatives $175,000
  7. Dame Jenny Gibbs to ACT $56,000
  8. Xiao Miao Fan to National $53,603
  9. Contue Jinwan Enterprise Group  to National $49,200
  10. Gallagher Group to ACT $45,000
  11. Graeme Douglas to National $42,000
  12. Bruce Plested to National $35,000

I understand that the amount given by Dotcom to the Internet Party is well in excess of $250,000 but expenses paid on their behalf before they were a registered party do not have to be disclosed, which is a loophole in the law.

I have no problem with people donating large amounts to political parties, so long as they are disclosed in a timely manner.

Also this only covers donations to political parties and candidates. It does not cover gifts to MPs, which are done annually in the Register of Pecuniary Interests.

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