The Robson complaint

3 News reports:

Former cabinet minister Matt Robson is under police investigation following a complaint regarding a Thai masseuse was allegedly blackmailed into working in the sex trade.

The serious allegations were made by immigration adviser and former Immigration Minister Tuariki Delamere.

Mr Delamere says the former MP and Corrections and Minister played a part in bringing a Thai woman to New Zealand to work as a masseuse based at the Stamford Plaza in Auckland.

However, the woman has complained to Immigration New Zealand after allegedly being forced to work at another premises in Parnell owned by the same company which ran the massage service at the hotel. She was allegedly blackmailed into offering sexual services under the threat of being deported.

Mr Delamere says he laid the complaint against the owners of the massage centre and asked police to investigate Mr Robson’s and Immigration NZ’s role in bringing the woman to New Zealand.

I don’t think this issue has anything to do with Matt Robson, and including him in the complaint to the Police seems to be a publicity stunt.

Unless there is evidence that Robson had anything to do with the alleged blackmail (and it seems there is none), then his role in helping her migrate is not material to what allegedly occurred. I think the inclusion of him in a public complaint is not in good faith.

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