Welfare changes over last five years

MSD has published the latest benefit data, with comparisons for the last five years. Some changes

  • A 12.5% drop of people on the main welfare benefits, being 40,554 fewer
  • A 16.9% drop of people on job seeker benefits, being 23,809 fewer
  • A 19.1% drop of people on sole parent benefits, being 16,574 fewer
  • A 4.7% drop of Maori on main welfare benefits, being 4,851 fewer
  • A 19.0% drop of Pasifkia on main welfare benefits, being 5,202 fewer
  • A 21.2% drop of Under 25s on main welfare benefits, being 12,726 fewer
  • A 6.8% drop of people on main welfare benefits for over a year, being 15,475 fewer

I think the most important change is the 21.2% drop of under 25s being on welfare.Reducing the number of people who go onto welfare very young, and never leave is essential.

The drops will be a combination of a growing economy, and the welfare reforms.

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