Wellington transport priorities

Stuff reports the top 10 priorities  agreed by the Regional Transport Committee, which includes all the Mayors:

  1. Improving Paraparaumu’s roads, including Ihakara St extension – $8.5m
  2. Upgrading SH2 intersections between Melling and Haywards – $250m
  3. Petone to Grenada highway – $349m
  4. Building Wellington’s rapid transit bus infrastructure – $60m
  5. Ngauranga to Petone Cycleway – $47m
  6. Second Mt Victoria tunnel – $487m
  7. Rimutaka Hill Road upgrade – $71m
  8. Hawyards Hill Road upgrade – $29m
  9. Wellington cycleway network – $93m
  10. Adelaide Rd Improvements – 29m

Pleased to see No 5 there as the status quo is so stupid. There is a walkway and cycleway from Thorndon to almost Petone. However it stops around 150 metres before Petone! This means you either have to illegally cycle or walk 150 metres on the Hutt Road against incoming traffic, or turn around and go back a km or so until you can cross over to the other side.

A dedicated cycleway that actually gets you to Petone would be a very good thing. However the cost seems very high at $47m, even if over ten years. A cheaper alternative might be to keep the existing one, and just add on the last 150 metres.

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