Oh no lingerie on display!

Stuff reports:

A next door to a childcare centre has some parents unhappy about a “straps and buckles” display right in front of children.

Nauti NZ, a store in the centre of New Plymouth, has been asked by Chere McGregor to remove a lingerie laden mannequin from its window.

The shop is next door to the Clever Kids Education Centre, around the corner from a ballet school and across the street from a yoghurt shop.

A yoghurt shop?? I can understand being next to a childcare centre isn’t ideal, but what is it about yoghurt eaters that makes then anti-lingerie?

McGregor, an advocate for human trafficking prevention organisation HOPE61, said the location meant too many children were at risk of seeing the provocative item, which she considered a “degradation of women”.

“What is that saying to our kids?” McGregor said.

“How many glances do kids have to take before it sits in the back of their minds and starts to pip away?”

The mannequin was an “active enticement” for young men who visited the shop, she said.

“When they see that they learn ‘that’s a great way to treat women, let’s go and sexually abuse her’.”

Oh get out of here. Seeing a mannequin in lingerie leads to sexual abuse. The complainant sounds like Patricia Bartlett.

As well as speaking with the shop’s management, McGregor made a complaint to police, who referred her to the New Plymouth District Council.

So you complained to the Police why?

Customer and regulatory services manager Mary-Anne Priest said while she had not received any formal complaints, comments of concern had been posted on the council’s Facebook page.

Priest said a council officer had checked the window display, but it was was not in breach of any bylaws.

“We didn’t find it to be offensive. It’s more of a moral debate, I think,” she said.

If they had a mannequin dressed up as Mr Slave with a gerbil heading somewhere it shouldn’t, then there would be an issue. But a bit of lingerie – please!

But Lilly said she designed her window displays with much consideration and removed the mannequin as soon as McGregor complained.

So why again did she go to the Police?

“There’s no toys in the window, it’s just lingerie.

“We keep everything at the back. We’ve frosted the windows and had a wall built to conceal all of the inconsiderate products.”

Sounds a very conscientious owner.

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