Labour declines membership of a former candidate because he criticised them on Facebook

A former lost nominee for recently tried to rejoin the party. His application was declined by the NZ Council:

As you know, you resigned your membership of the NZ Labour Party on May 14th 2015 and sought to rejoin on August 28th 2015.  Council retains the right to decide on membership applications, and in your case has decided to decline the application.  Under Rule 6 of the Constitution we will be informing the Taranaki King Country LEC of the decision which we have made.

Although there is no obligation to provide reasons for this decision, Council were well aware that you operate a “Labour Members and Supporters” Facebook page which has from time to time contained unhelpful comments which could well be regarded as risking disrepute.

So if you are a supporter of Labour and saying anything unhelpful to them on Facebook, they don’t want you as a member!

I would have thought they needed all the members they could get.

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