Would the left support this in NZ?

News.com.au reports:

IMAGINE a world where you are given a “citizen rating” based on your lifestyle, shopping habits, social behaviour and morals.

China is moving quickly towards just such a system, in a Big Brother-style plan that will see everyone given a grade between 350 and 950.

If you buy nappies or recycle, you get extra points for showing you are responsible. If you play video games and spend too much on clothes, you lose points. …

Harnessing our data from banks, retailers and social media, it’s the kind of all-encompassing surveillance system that would terrify us in the West. But the Chinese government’s State Council said in a plan released in June 2014 that the system was key to “building a harmonious Socialist society … strengthening the sincerity consciousness of the members of society, forging a desirable credit environment, raising the overall competitiveness of the country [and] stimulating the development of society and the progress of civilisation.”

By 2020, people with scores above a certain level will receive rewards, such as credit to start a business, while those with lower ratings could face ominous-sounding punishments.

I could see some left groups wanting this here.

If you use plastic bags, bang you get some demerits.

Buy your kids a soft drink, and there’s another black mark, and another if they ever have a pie from a dairy.

Fail to put out recycling, and there’s another black mark.

Be seen at a bar after 2 am, and further demerits.

This is the ultimate tool!

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