The 250 organisations Auckland Council belongs to and funds

The Auckland Ratepayers Alliance has a list of the 250 organisations Auckland ratepayers are funding through Auckland Council being a member of them. The list is staggering. ARA say:

It’s bad enough Auckland Council is funding the Chamber of Commerce and the Property Council. Now we discover the Council is funding the Bibliographical Society of Australia and NZ; the Public Relations Institute of NZ and even the  Institute for Archaeology.

We’ve asked, but the Council has refused to tell us, how much it has spent on the Property Council to date. It’s not good enough. Ratepayers deserve transparency.

Ratepayers will be aghast to learn how many overseas based organisations the Council has been funding with locals’ rates. Why on earth is the Council funding the likes of the Institute of British Engineers, the International Society of Automation, or the Oral History Association of Australia?

Other ones I have spotted are:

  • Acoustic Society of NZ
  • Bioenergy Association
  • Cruise NZ 
  • NZ Innovation Council
  • NZ Remuneration Network
  • Toastmasters

Mayoral should come out with a list of which ones they would chop!

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