Should someone get parole early so they can be deported?

Stuff reports:

A South African psychiatrist who poisoned his wife is unwell and unable to be deported, his lawyer says.

appeared via video link before the New Zealand Board from Rolleston Prison, near Christchurch, on Tuesday.

Bouwer, who has served his non-parole period of 15 years after being convicted in 2001 of murdering his wife, has been served with a deportation order by Immigration New Zealand.

“He will be deported at the end of his sentence,” a spokesman said.

However his Dunedin-based lawyer, David More, said his client was unwell and could not return to South Africa. Release was not sought at Tuesday’s parole hearing for that reason, he said.

This is an interesting case. Most prisoners want to get parole but here Bouwer it seems would rather be in prison in NZ than living free in South Africa.

If he had a fixed term sentence, then he would be released eventually even if he never gets parole. But as he has a life sentence, should we continue to pay the bill to imprison him, when we could deport him?

Can you give someone parole against their wishes?

I tend to think he should be released and deported.

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