WCC Mayoral candidates on spending

Can you give an example of current spending that you would vote against in future?

  • Nick Leggett: I would review all spending and ask CE to find organisational savings. Specially take the $9.6 M “slush fund” away from politicians and more into the hands of those who pay the rates.
  • Nicola Young: Revamp of Frank Kitts Park ($5.5m = 90% of this year’s general rates increase)
  • Justin Lester: I voted to cut spending on Council’s move into new premises and reduce costs on the Civic Square upgrade. I also opposed $1m proposed spend on an auditorium and $25m for a new deep water swimming pool.
  • Helene Ritchie: Any further expenditure on the runway extension or lawyer’s fees.
  • Andy Foster: Reduce cost of Basin Reserve lights from $9m to $2m, Defer $65m concert venue until we can afford it
  • Jo Coughlan: I voted against the Island Bay Cycle way and would do so again on a cycleway that didn’t seem sensible or practical.

If Council had an additional 10% revenue, or $40 million, what would be your priority spending areas?

  • Nick Leggett: Three water infrastructure and dedicated new bus lanes to assist Bus Rapid Transit.
  • Nicola Young: I’m committed to freezing the rates; next would be paying off city’s $500 million debt.
  • Justin Lester: I’d save the funds unless there was a valid project that would benefit Wellingtonians. A priority area within WCC’s existing financial envelope ist be Arts. if elected Mayor I will take on the Arts portfolio.
  • Helene Ritchie: From where??? Yes, if the increased revenue comes from budgeted airport extension costs. Essential services, affordable housing, strengthening and opening the Town Hall, or giving some rates relief!.
  • Andy Foster: Half on urban design, resilience, transport, small amount on natural environment – and leave the other half in the ratepayer’s pockets
  • Jo Coughlan: Pay off debt
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