Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers

For those who can’t wait (like me), a normally reliable source has posted major plot threads for Season 7.

Do not read over the break, if you do not want to read the .

I’ve grouped them together by character for easy reading.

Can’t wait for the season to air next year! Very very excited.

The spoilers are here, and summarised below by character.


  • uses Walder Frey’s face to hold a banquet and poison his sons
  • is reunited with Nymeria
  • arrives at Winterfell
  • Littlefinger tries to set her against Sansa
  • executes Littlefinger on orders of Sansa


  • crosses Wall back into Westeros
  • arrives at Winterfell
  • reveals to Arya that Littlefinger is deceiving her
  • works out with Sam that Jon is really called Aegon Targaryen and was legitimized at birth


  • miscarries after falling pregant to Jaime
  • meets Danaerys and Jon under parley
  • believes in threat of white walkers after The Mountain can’t kill one
  • tells Jon she will help in battle against Night King but then tells Jaime she wants the white walkers to kill all her enemies


  • torches some Westerosi lords including Sam’s father and brother
  • lands at Dragonstone
  • summons Westerosi lords
  • disbelives Jon’s story of white walkers
  • rescues Jon’s party from Night King but loses Viserion to the Night King
  • has sex with Jon (technically her nephew)

Euron Greyjoy

  • attacks Dorne killing two Sand Snakes and capturing Ellaria
  • destroy’s Yara’s fleet and captures her
  • Theon escapes him though


  • sacks Highcastle and allows Olena Tyrell to drink poison after she reveals she and Littlefinger poisoned Joffrey.
  • meets Tyrion and Davos, refuses to surrender to Danaeyrs
  • his army is attacked by Danaerys and defeated. Bronn helps him escape
  • abandons Cersei after she tells him she wants the white walkers to destroy her enemies


  • over-rules Sansa and refuses to punish Karstark and Umber children by taking their lands away
  • travels to Dragonstone to meet Danaerys, leaving Ghost at Winterfell
  • refuses to bend knee to Danaeyrs
  • tells Danaeyrs of the white walkers, who disbelieves
  • travels beyond the wall to capture a white walker
  • attacked by Night King’s army
  • party saved by Danaerys, but Jon left alone after Night King kills Viserion and resurrects as a zombie dragon
  • saved by Benjen who dies saving him
  • tells Danaerys he will lay down title King in the North if she battles White Walkers
  • Drogon allows Jon to pat him


  • gets Greyscale healed in Oldtown
  • reunites with Danaeyrs

Night Kind

  • attacks Jon’s party
  • kills Viserion and turns him into a zombie mount
  • uses Viserion to knock the wall down


  • leaves Oldtown
  • works out Jon’s parentage with Bran


  • wants to take land away from Karstarks and Umbers
  • left in charge of Winterfell
  • sentences Littlefinger to death after he tries to set Arya against her


  • convinces Danaerys not to attack King’s Landing directly with dragons as too many innocents will die
  • tells Danaerys Jon is a good guy and not insane

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