Death threats against Max Key

Stuff reports:

has said he received “death threats twice a week” in a speech at this year’s NetSafe conference in Auckland today. 

The Prime Minister’s son was invited to speak on ‘the price of celebrity’, alongside Mike Puru, Kris Fox, Richie Hardcore, and Verity Johnson.

A tweet from Richie Hardcore wrote, “In your teenage years everyone is trying to find yourself…I was getting death threats twice a week’ Max Key #netsafecoht“.

Key said he wasn’t at today’s event looking for sympathy.

“I don’t want any sympathy for the bullying I get. I want to raise awareness for the kids, who are getting bullied, that don’t have people around to support them like I do.”

He has suffered ruthless messages and abuse from people on and offline in the past, many of them directed at his father. 

It’s sad that some people have so much hatred that they think threats of violence or worse is acceptable.

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