Another new party with an old MP

Stuff reports:

thought he was out of politics forever – but then he started a political party with former Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio.

The Creative Alliance is Ward’s latest venture, one he hopes will encourage the population into thinking differently about New Zealand’s place in the world.

“I thought about it for a very long time – there is a lack of urgency, a lack of optimism and dearth of collaboration,” Ward said.

The 74-year-old artist turned former Green MP turned former Nelson City councillor said every political party thought they had the answer but they were unwilling to listen to each other.

They may struggle to get 500 members let alone 100,000 votes.

The party also advocated a “sustainability role model initiative” or effective tourist tax, which tried to encourage visitors to buy into a responsibility to look after the country.

It also wanted to include “lifestyle, creativity and sustainability” components to all levels of school curricula.

What exactly does that mean?

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