Bullying a disabled candidate

The Herald reports:

A National Party candidate says she’s had enough of being bullied for using disabled car parks – from people who don’t realise she is entitled to park there.

Critics have even taken to dobbing in to National Party leader Bill English when they see her sign-written car bearing her name and photo parked in disabled parks.

Bungard, who lost a leg to cancer at age 11, holds a permit and is entitled to use the parks.

The National candidate for Manurewa says she’s been regularly reprimanded since her car was sign written with her face and National Party logo in May this year. But she has a clearly visible disability permit displayed in her windscreen as she is an amputee.

 “I feel a bit bullied,” she said.

The Howick Local Board member had her left leg amputated above the knee when she was 11 because of bone cancer, and uses an artificial limb.

Those people who have tried to get Bungard in trouble should be deeply embarrassed. You should always check for a permit before making a judgement.

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