Campaign Countdown – 1 day to go

Voters this week have a clear choice between ’s optimism and honesty, or rewarding National’s campaign of relentless lies.

National’s failure to acknowledge and fix the housing crisis will be their legacy. will tackle the housing crisis head-on.

Today’s GDP figures reflect an economy that has allowed to drift along on the basis of growing population rather than improving productivity and adding value.

The average Kiwi worker will be $1060 worse off a year if is elected to

We are going to give Aucklanders their waterfront back [No need for a tank farm under NZ First! – Ed].

National’s last minute pitch to get the Trans Pacific Partnership 11 (TPP-11) agreement across the line just days before the general election should not bind the new incoming government.

ACT will insist the next declare a Housing State of Emergency in Auckland to allow the building of new homes within the first 100 days, leader David Seymour said today.

We have achieved a hell of a lot since launching The Opportunities Party just ten months ago, and with election day looming, we know we have convinced tens of thousands of New Zealanders that non-tribal evidence based policies will provide solutions to the country’s problems. [Evidence-based policy, or policy-based evidence? – Ed]

Vote Conservative Party if you really want progress on basic issues like housing.

Last night’s leader’s debate was a fizzer, but latest poll points to National.

Last night’s Colmar Brunton: National 46% (up 6); 37% (down 7); Greens 8% (up 1); NZ First 4.9% (down 1); Maori 1%; TOP 2% ACT 0.3%. Seats based on status quo (except Ohariu)

  • National 58
  • 46
  • Green 9
  • NZ First 6
  • TOP 0
  • Maori 1
  • ACT 1
  • Total Parliament: 121

Conducted from September 16 to September 19.

Three News Reid Research out at 6pm.

Latest update as of 9am Monday:

National Party $8.3b; Party $23.0b; Green Party $14.9b; NZ First $27.5b; Maori Party $12.2b; ACT -$2.4b; TOP $13.7b. Full details here.

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