Australia votes for same sex marriage

The public have spoken and it is a resounding vote in favour of in Australia.

The key stats are:

  • 12.7 million voted or 79.5% of the electorate
  • 61.6% voted yes to changing the law to allow same sex couples to marry and 38.4% no
  • All eight states and territories votes yes
  • 133 out of 150 electorates voted yes

The yes vote in each state was:

  1. ACT 74.0%
  2. Victoria 64.9%
  3. Western Australia 63.7%
  4. Tasmania 63.6%
  5. South Australia 62.5%
  6. Queensland 60.7%
  7. NT 60.6%
  8. NSW 57.8%

The electorate most against was Blaxland that was only 26.1% yes and most in favour was Melbourne with 83.7% yes. Blaxland is actually a safe Labor seat (used to be Paul Keating’s).

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