A misleading story

The headline:

using data tool to deport migrants likely to ‘harm’ NZ video

But in fact it is not about migrants. Migrants are people with a right to live and work in NZ. It is about , or people with no legal right to be in New Zealand.

So headline fails. First sentence is:

Immigration New Zealand is using the data it holds on previously deported migrants to determine who should be kicked out of the country.

Also a fail. No migrants are being kicked out. Overstayers are being kicked out. If you come here for a two week holiday and are still here six months later you are not a migrant. You’re an overstayer.

If an immigrant fitted the same demographic of a previous immigrant who benefited from such services or carried out illegal activity here, they could be deported before they did the same.

No no no. Totally misleading. Immigrants are not subject to deportation because of their profile.

If you are an overstayer then you are subject to deportation because you have no legal right to be living here. And this tool is about prioritising which overstayers get deported. That is very different to the impression this article gives.

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