A weird claim

Gayford told the Guardian:

But he had felt compelled to rein in having “a good rant on Facebook” and had felt “like a right chump” having to edit his own Wikipedia page to remove another false rumour – that he had once been a police cadet, the Guardian reported.

Edgeler checked out his page and there have only been a couple of dozen edits, and no history of the page has a claim he was a police cadet.

Now memory can be hazy.  You sometimes conflate things in your mind. But if you are talking to international media, you should be very careful with what you claim. Politician’s families are generally off limit, but not when they do political media interviews that are inaccurate.

Incidentially it is considered bad form to edit your own Wikipedia page. If you think something is inaccurate on it, you can mention this on the associated talk page, and then someone else may do the edit.

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