Members’ bills getting interesting

Very interesting on Wednesday that we have seen several National members’ bills get passed, and a Labour one voted down. NZ First are actually voting quite independently on these bills.

A National bill to exempt small volunteer associations from some OSH liability passed first reading 65 to 54 with Labour and Greens opposing.

Chris Finlayson’s bill to reform contempt of court passed first reading without dissent.

Scott Simpson’s bill to increase litter fines passed 109 to 10.

But a Labour bill to allow oaths to be taken in a foreign language was defeated 54 to 65.

This reflects a sensible strategy from National to put up bills which can attract cross-party support. They may not be big game changers (Government bills generally do the big stuff) but they do show a constructive opposition.

This was quite different to Labour’s strategy in opposition which was to use members’ bills to try and overturn government policy or just embarrass the Government.

Three of the four bills drawn on Thursday were also from National MPs, so we should see more bills progressing hopefully.

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