Liberals on verge of wipe out in Ontario

Ontario is going to the polls. I’ve taken a lot of interest in this election as up until a few months ago a mate of mine, Patrick Brown, was the Leader of the Opposition and likely to become Premier.

He got pushed out by his own party within hours of sexual misconduct allegations (which have now somewhat unravelled and are the subject of defamation claims). His replacement as Conservative leader is Doug Ford, the brother of the infamous Rob Ford – the scandal ridden party and drug Mayor of Toronto.

The incumbent Liberal Government has 58 out of 107 seats.

The latest projection is they may win just one seat. The Conservatives are projected to win 74 seats and the NDP 49 seats.

Of course the results may vary from the projection, but one things seems certain that the Liberals will be all but wiped out. There is a small chance the NDP may get to form Government rather than the Conservatives.

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