GWRC quietly robs Wellington City Residents of Millions

Wellington Commuter blogs:

The GWRC will now increase the average Wellington City Household rates bill by over $200/year

That’s huge.

The average rates increase for the region is $41 but they are changing their transport rate distribution:

The proposed changes to public transport will mean residents in the Hutt Valley, South Wairarapa and Porirua pay a bit less toward public transport than they do now, while residents in Wellington city, Kāpiti and Masterton pay a bit more toward public transport.

And what is a bit more? Well the Council never tells you. The info in the blog post had to be dragged out of them under the OIA. It means:

  • a reduced rates payment from Wellington CBD businesses by nearly $3M
  • an increased rates payment from Residential Ratepayers by nearly $3M

And what does this mean for the hip pocket?

  • Wellington City ratepayers go from $172 transport rate average to $361 – an increase of over 100%

Wellington Commuter concludes:

It is shocking that the GWRC has managed to add over $200/year to the average Wellington City household rates bill without anyone noticing. 

It is.


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