Do we need to legislate common sense?

Stuff reports:

The Government won’t “rush” to change the law around riding drunk, despite an intoxicated rider receiving serious injuries after falling from one.
Aucklander Amy Gianfrancesco fractured her neck, chipped her tooth and was left with serious bruising after falling off a Lime e-scooter. She had been drinking alcohol prior to the incident.
She is now calling for better regulations and suggested e-scooters should be “locked” at night so people who have been drinking couldn’t use them.

Or you know perhaps you just shouldn’t use an e-scooter if you’re drunk. Don’t blame the law for you making a stupid choice.

But Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter said e-scooters offered real benefits and she wanted to wait until the Lime scooter trial was complete before seeing if further regulation was required.


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