The Herald should be very embarrassed

Stuff reports:

The Chinese edition of the  edited translated articles from the NZ Herald to put a better light on the Chinese government.
It has also omitted articles entirely that discuss the Chinese Government in a negative way, in one case taking a much more sanitised version from a Chinese wire service.
The Chinese NZ Herald is the result of a 2016 joint venture between NZME, which own the NZ Herald, and long-running Chinese publication The Chinese Herald. The website and WeChat channel, which use the NZ Herald branding, feature both translated pieces from the English-language Herald, articles from the Chinese Herald, and stories from other Chinese news sources.

This is hugely embarrassing for the NZ Herald. Their Chinese edition has been turned into a sanitized pro-Beijing propaganda outlet.

Some of their journalists will be aghast. Matt Nippert has written some excellent stories about Chinese influence, and the burglary of Anne-Marie Brady. The English version of the Herald has been reporting that the Chinese Government tries to influence Chinese language in foreign countries, and the Herald’s own Chinese version turns out to be doing exactly that.

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