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Good to see quite a few people are now auto-approved for comments. However the majority are not, and hence their comments are still waiting for approval. As I am a business owner and a parent, as well as a blogger, I am often offline for a few hours at a time.

So keen to get a small number of people to help approve comments. It’s very easy. There is a pending approval queue and you just click on approve or trash.

You don’t have to be a commenter yourself. You should ideally have never had a strike or a history of getting into flamewars with others.

At first the job will be simply approving comments that are obviously 100% okay. Any that are even slightly borderline, leave in the queue and then we’ll discuss collectively.

If you are keen to help out, to help Kiwiblog remain a place of robust debate, e-mail me.

UPDATE: Have three offers already. So will start with those three and expand if necessary.

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