Maori Council hate free speech

Stuff reports:

A leading Māori organisation says the lobby group Hobson’s Pledge is inciting racism and violence.
The New Zealand Māori Council said on Wednesday it had asked the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to investigate the group, which is led by former National Party and Act leader Don Brash.

What a dreadful thing to do. Because Hobson’s Pledge successfully campaign against race based laws, the wants the state to investigate them.

And the slur that HP incites violence is defamatory and nasty. Note they don’t point to any actual statement made by an HP spokesperson to justify their smear.

He hoped the HRC would censure the group.

Imagine if Andrew Little gets his way and we get new hate speech laws. They’ll be used by organisations like the Maori Council to try and censure groups that disagree with them.

Tukaki also said Hobson’s Pledge was “nothing more than a divisive group of haters who would do nothing more than send us all back to the dark ages”.
“They may wear suits and drive around in late model expensive European cars … but they are nothing more than a gang of misfits that seek to incite hate and divide the country. 

Tukaki seems unable to actually engage on substantive issues, so he name calls. How embarrassing.

Tukaki said the Māori Council was concerned that comments Hobson’s Pledge leaders had made in public constituted “incitement to both violence and racism, hate and the segregation of New Zealand society”

Again he can’t cite any actual comment. Regardless I’m sure he’ll be given an honorary doctorate from Massey University.

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