Lester helped by multiple challengers

Stuff reports:

Sir is throwing his support behind a new Wellington mayoral candidate, current Onslow-Western Ward councillor .
“There are many people who are not happy about what’s been done, what has not been done, and the way things have been done,” Foster said.
It would be Foster’s third run at the mayoralty, the first in 2001, coming fourth, and the second in 2016, when he came fifth with 3,662 votes.

Even with PJ’s backing, Foster won’t win. He was 5th last time.

But what this does do is help . There are three significant candidates standing against him – Diane Calvert, Jenny Condie and Foster. Even with STV the reality is that Lester will do better with the opposition vote split.

Jackson had become a vocal opponent to a proposed Wellington Company development at since penning an open-letter to Lester over the issue in March.

Personally I’m a huge fan of the proposed development. The place is derelict and needs revitalisation. I’m also a huge fan of Sir Peter – I just disagree with him on this issue.

The irony is that Jackson wants to defeat Lester, but by backing Foster he is probably going to help Lester win.

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