The cracks widen

Stuff reports:

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has lashed out at the Labour Party, saying the coalition partner has not acted in good faith.
Peters, the leader of New Zealand First, has also said that Justice Minister Andrew Little should not have been surprised to learn that the party would push for a referendum on abortion law reform.

That is significant – accusing Labour of acting in bad faith.

Little suggested on Newstalk ZB this morning that Peters had given him a personal assurance of support to repeal the three strikes legislation, but then back-tracked.
“If you wanna go back a year or so, and I’d been in a situation of asking Winston Peters personally about something, which then a different outcome resulted.”
He said he discussed the possibility of different referenda with New Zealand First last year.
“The issue came up, ‘What about abortion?’ and all the indications were that this wasn’t going to be called for by anybody.”
Asked if Peters had stiffed him, Little said people could characterise it how they wanted.

And Little basically saying you can’t trust Peters and not disagreeing that Peters stiffed him.

Stable Government!

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