VUW plans to charge students for hostels rooms they are unable to get to

Salient reports:

Students at of Wellington have been told that fees will be charged for Halls of Residence from 29 April for most Halls, despite many students being unable to return. 

In an email sent to hall residents, besides those in Te Puni Village and Vic House, the University told students they will need to wait until the country enters Alert Level 2 before being able to return, as national travel restrictions remain in place.

This is outraegous.

Surely some friendly law firm can do a pro bono law suit against the university.

“I feel like I’m being strong armed out of money.” commented one Weir resident. “I have now been forced to choose between paying hundreds of dollars rent for a room I’m not legally allowed to enter, or drop out of university.”

For once this is a time for collective action. If every student refuses to pay, the university can’t do anything.

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