Covid app not being used

One News reports:

While the doesn’t release details of where people have checked in, due to privacy concerns, the sheer number of scans of QR codes is recorded, albeit anonymously.

Since the app’s launch, each registered user has checked in on average just over one time.

The latest available figures requested from the show that as of May 29, nine days after the app’s formal launch, users had scanned official NZ Covid Tracer QR codes 480,000 times.

However, on that same date, there were 446,000 accounts formally registered with the app.

I’m not surprised. The app seems okay but so few places are using it. Almost every place I go to uses a different system for checking in. It is frustrating.

The best one I’ve seen is the one where you don’t even have to enter an app, but you just open your camera in front of the QR code and it takes you to a webpage for checkin.

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