Gandhi, Mandel, King and Ardern?

The Herald reports:

A long chain of communication between the author of a contentious new Jacinda Ardern biography and the PM’s staff has revealed the convoluted efforts the author made to bag an exclusive interview.

Author Supriya Vani courted controversy this year when she published a biography of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, co authored with Carl A. Harte.

The book raised eyebrows when its publishers said it contained “exclusive interviews” with Ardern, which was contrary to Ardern’s policy of not doing interviews for biographies. …

“I realise that whereas Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King were heroes of the twentieth century, Jacinda Ardern would go in annals of twenty-first century [sic],” she said.

Obviously a neutral and balanced journalist!

“You have established a very high bench mark in the realm of empathy for suffering fellow human beings transcending all barriers of religion. It requires a heart of purest ray serene and Edenic innocence. You have become world’s iconic figure. Kindly share your message for world peace? [sic]” Vani asked.

Move over Jesus and Buddha.

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