And people wonder why we mock the podium of truth

Radio NZ reports:

One GP said even though there is high demand for the pulse oximeters, they have not been all that easy to get.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said not every single Covid-positive household gets one, but the Ministry of Health said they do – while Health Minister Andrew Little said they don’t necessarily, and Grant Robertson said everyone does.

This story shows how you really can’t trust anything the Government says, without verifying it. In fact it is impossible to trust the Government, because who do you believe – The Minister of Health or the Deputy PM? Or the DG of Health or the Ministry of Health?

Whether or not every Covid-positive household gets a pulse oximeter should be a simple matter of fact – they do or they don’t. But not only do you have Ministers contradicting each other on this, you have the Director-General of Health being contradicted by his own Ministry.

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