Kāinga Ora management said they did nothing wrong

Newshub reports:

Emails show Kāinga Ora is unapologetic about covering up the fact it was using a candidate in taxpayer-funded advertising. 

But new emails have emerged showing Kāinga Ora officials unapologetic. 

“The judgement call you made was fine, I am happy to stand behind you on it,” McKenzie wrote in an email to the senior communications executive on November 11. 

“This little maelstrom will pass quickly, I just it doesn’t make you too risk-averse!”

So the CE praised the staffer declared they would just pretend they didn’t know Arena Williams was standing for Labour, and explicitly said he backs her call and doesn’t want her to become risk-averse!!!

Prior to that, on November 10, a general manager wrote: “I don’t like the implication of apology from us when we did no wrong.”

I don’t know how the board can have confidence in the senior leadership, if that is what they think.

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