Newsroom on the Ellis travesty

A great article at Newsroom who interviewed the “oldest and most credible” witness against Peter Ellis. Some details:

  • The senior detective told her parents “if they didn’t get their daughter to testify they would be as “perverted as Peter Ellis” and would be responsible for a “filthy bastard kiddie #@## going free”
  • Of those seven children, five of their parents worked in the sexual field.
  • Some of the disclosures made by children from the creche included cakes and raisins being put up their bottoms, that Ellis killed people with axes, that he pushed children into a manhole with gorillas, smuggled them through dungeons, buried them in coffins, that children were made to kick each other in the genitals while adults stood around them in a circle playing guitars, and that Ellis’ mother had hung them in cages from the ceiling.
  • There was no physical evidence and there were also no adult eyewitnesses

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