Another too light sentence

The Herald reports:

An Auckland man has been sentenced to a little over two years in prison after accidentally running over and killing his partner, the mother of their six children, on Christmas Day 2021.

Was it really an accident? Read on.

Charlotte Tyrrell, 28, died shortly after falling under Marcellin Siliai’s ute while trying to stop him driving off.

He was heading to buy a packet of cigarettes and repeatedly accelerated despite the fact she was reaching through the window into his car.

The court heard Siliai inflicted a pattern of violence upon Tyrrell, which she hid from her family. A prosecutor said the violence only emerged during the police investigation into her death. …

The fact he repeatedly tried to drive forward to try dislodge and fling her from the vehicle was an aggravating factor, she said.

But Judge Thomas said a repeated instance of dangerous driving killed Tyrrell.

“You tried it, it didn’t work, and yet you did it again.”

For this he got 28 months in prison only – possibly out in under a year.

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