Tapu Misa on Emery sentence

Tapu Misa writes on the sentence:

The jury convicted him of manslaughter because they couldn’t be sure that he intended to kill Pihema. I would probably have given Emery the benefit of the doubt, too. But was his sentence of 4 years 3 months too light?

The decision is being criticised from both sides. Some people are saying Emery should not go to jail at all. Others are saying the sentence is too light. This suggests to me it is about right.

I think manslaughter was definitely the correct verdict. Is the sentence too light?

Well as far as I can tell the average is 71 months and Emery got 51 months. It isn’t surprising he got less than the average as he was a first time offender. I suppose you could argue for an extra year or so, but by the time you take into account parole and home detention, it is only going to change his actual prison time by a few months.

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