Greens do want taxpayers to lose 96% of their funds also!

The Green Party has announced:

The Green Party will establish a Green Investment Bank as a first step in accelerating New Zealand’s transition to a smarter greener economy, Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman announced today.

The Green Investment Bank will be an enduring, government-owned, for-profit bank partnering with the private sector to fund new projects ranging from renewable energy and biofuel production to new clean technologies.

I blogged a couple of days ago on how the had lost 96% of themoney they invested into Windflow, which they trumpeted as a sustainable green investment.

They now want to raid taxpayer funds and throw millions and milliosn of taxpayer dollars into trendy investments they approve of.

I say no no no.

Let them invest their own money in whatever companies they want.  But I don’t want them taking my taxes to throw away on their pet projects. This is the Green equivalent of the Development Finance Corporation which was initially Government owned and had the same mandate – funding new projects etc.  The collapsed in a heap, owing over $1.8 billion.

This is their plan for the future – another DFC – but with them in charge and only their pet projects being deemed suitable for funding.

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