No housing crisis for sex offenders


This looks like a nice place to live. It has stunning views, and is a well maintained modern house.


You even get lovely views from the bathroom.

I’m told (by a local resident) that this is the where have put up the child sex offender in Lower Hutt.

I’m not saying ex-prisoners must be put up in slums. But there is a middle ground between that and putting them up in a house that would be well above the median for the city. The cost to the taxpayers would be immense.

Note that of the many photos available of the house I have used the ones which make it hardest to identify the house externally. I’m sure some people can reverse engineer from the photos to work out the house so I considered not using any photos. But the reality is that the exact address is already known by pretty much every local person in the area, so I decided to use a couple of photos to illustrate. Do not post anything in the comments about exactly where the house may be, if you know.

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