Partisan Wingnuts

No Right Turn, commenting on the forgery debate, has said he would rather listen to “actual forensic document experts than obviously partisan wingnuts”.

Putting aside the irony of the fact that by his own description he is also a partisan wingnut, I wonder if he realises that to date not a single foresnic document expert has been willing to say the documents are genuine?

CBS is claiming they have not been “proven false”, but I suggest they have the burden of proof the wrong way around.

At present I would say they are not proven to be genuine or false. But it looks much much more likely they are false. To prove they are genuine CBS really needs to demonstrate that the US Air Force had a machine that could produce the memo, and/or explain where it came from.

No Right Turn also seems very upset that the blogosphere have challenged the credibility of the papers as it has distracted attention from the contents. Well pardon me but I think whether they are fake or not is the more important issue, and the massive preponderance of evidence to date (not just technical, but by family and ex colleagues) is that they are not.

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