Farewell Mr Speaker

Well Jonathan Hunt retires tonight and Margaret Wilson should get elected Speaker tomorrow. ALso Lelsey Soper from Southland will become a Labour List MP.

The NZ Herald has a nice interview with Jonathan. It even made me feel nice things for a while, until I read one of his important jobs as High Commissioner will be observing the UK elections, and passing what he learns on to the NZ Government. I am sure that is not in a diplomat’s job description.

I can not resist commenting on his quote about love interests, repeating the advice of Walter Nash:

“Walter Nash gave me the best advice on that subject: ‘Young Jon Hunt, when you get the same urges as other young men – just don’t do it in the building’.”

Parliament just hasn’t been the same since they installed a vido camera in the chamber over the Speaker’s Chair, to try and stop any increase in membership of the “Speaker’s Chair Club”.

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