A nice time in Auckland

Just back from two very nice days in Auckland. Was up there for an Enum workshop with the Telcos on Enum which basically will allow phone numbers to be accessed over the DNS (much more complex than that).

Got to stay in the brand new (opened last week) Sky City Grand Hotel, which is one of the few, if not the only, five star hotel in NZ. It was, as one would expect, very pleasant, and had a stunning view from my 18th floor room. I should have taken my camera. In case people are worried about cost, they had opening week specials which had rooms cheaper than the place we normally stay at, and as our seminar was in their conference centre, would have been mad to say no. Also very impressed that I managed to get download speeds of 5 Mb/sec on their wireless. One can not complain.

On Wednesday night Jordan and I have a very pleasant catchup and drinks with Aaron Bhatnagar, Ben Thomas and Matt Nippert. I had not met Ben or Matt before.

Spanner was invited also, but she had prior plans involving Lost. Plus she only got the invite two minutes before we were meeting up. Was organised only at last minute after other plans fell through.

By coincidence the next morning ran into Michael Wood at Wellington Airport, whom I had also not met before. I thought it was funny to be able to say to someone I only met 10 seconds earlier, “Oh that Michael, yes, I was just inviting your wife out to a drink last night” 🙂

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