Labour hits Tamihere with a wet bus ticket

Good God I would have never believed it. Helen Clark has folded like a sack of soggy potatoes and John Tamihere is back in the fold with only a censure. A censure??? Oh how tough.

How can their Caucus look in the mirrors with any self-respect? He has not resiled from a single word he has said (except that he wants to share a toothbrush with Dr Cullen)? All he has done is say “Whoops sorry mates, I did not think the journalist was taping me”.

He’s all but called his party leader a c*** and a d***, implied the deputy was a double crosser, slagged off queers, Labour’s wimmin and unions, trivialised the Holocaust, stated a colleague made late night nasty phone calls to Clark, called others tossers and smarmy, and on top of that took a $300,000 golden handshake he lied about, made four false statutory declarations, allowed $100,000 to be stolen by not checking payment approvals from the Trust and has several times ignored his leadership by arranging his own media, appearing totally unrepentant for anything at all, except that what he thinks was published.

If he ran someone over while drink driving they would probably increase the “severe censure” to a “really severe censure”. And hey if he endorses Destiny Church and Brian Tamaki then they make it a “really really severe censure and this time we mean it”.

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