Tamihere poll

TV One had a poll on John Tamihere.

49% of respondents thought Tamihere should resign from the Labour Party while 47% think he should not. Of that 47%, 24% supported him being on stress leave (I do wish people would stop using that term – it is a fiction – he is not stressed at all).

On the issue of whether more attention was given to women’s issues than men’s issues 72 per cent said yes, 20 per cent said no and 8 per cent didn’t know. Even 68% of women agreed with this, which shows the concern is well founded. As male educational achievement becomes more and more woeful, this is an issue which will only get larger.

Pleasingly only 26% felt there were too many females in positions of power. I don’t give a stuff that the PM, GG, CJ and Speaker are all women. Good on them, it reflects well on NZ that we have almost no barriers to achievement.

Also 61% thought NZ was too politically correct, 6 % *Green voters 🙂 thought it was not PC enough and 30 per cent thought the country had it about right. As PC was not defined hard to read too much from this question, but I think it does reflect a common sentiment which Brash picked up on in Orewa I.

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