Idiotic Christians

The Christian (and other) leaders who are continuing to advocate for the Bloody Mary episode of South Park to be banned are really pretty stupid.

They have guaranteed that ratings for that episode will be massively higher than normal. And it shows on a TV channel that 95% of the population probably don’t even check out on a regular basis.

One would have thought they would have learnt from the last ten times they have complained about something, that all they inevitably do is boost ticket sales or viewers.

If they find the episode so offensive, then they should simply just not watch it rather than try to stop me from watching it.

Daud Azimulla says “Something like this isn’t funny”. Bzzt wrong. I’ve seen it and it is very very funny. Of course that is only my opinion but I am *choosing* to watch it. The focus of the episode isn’t even on Mary, but taking the mickey out of alcoholics. Mary only comes in as a way for Stan’s dad to be cured of alcoholism as he needs a miracle.

The winner of the hyperbole contest is Anglican Bishop Muru Walters who has said the television cartoon is demonic and satanic as the purpose is to humiliate somebody.

Hmmn so enjoying humiliation is satanic and demonic now. Hmmn does that make me a demon. Hmmn let’s ignore that photo at the top right!

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