Voting closes at 5 pm today

Voting in the 2006 Net Guide Awards closes at 5.00 pm today NZDT.

Now a few people have said to me that I haven’t asked readers to vote for this blog as Best Blog. My response has been that readers are very intelligent and don’t need things spelt out for them step by step.

They don’t need to be told:

1) Go to Net Guide’s Web Awards page.

2) Click on Click Here to Vote

3) Enter in their name and e-mail address

4) Go to Best Blog (second from )

5) Enter after the http://

6) Click continue

Again I am sure that not only don’t they need to be told how to vote, they also don’t need to be told why to vote. They can figure out for themselves that in return for getting to read this blog for free every day, they shouldn’t feel pressured about giving up 30 seconds to vote, in exchange for hundreds of hours of blogging, so has a chance of getting flown to and getting drunk at the Net Guide dinner 🙂

Yep I’m very glad my readers are so intelligent and motivated they don’t need any of the above!

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