Save Nazanin

Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi has been sentenced to death by hanging. WHen she was 17 she defended herself and her niece when three men tried to rape her. One of them died from stab wounds.

Now Nazanin is Iranian. In a western country she would probably be acquitted or get a short prison sentence, as the death was obviously committed in self-defense. Also as a 17 years old, she could be treated as a minor. In Iran however, the minimum age for the death penalty is 15 years for males, and nine years for females.

Oh by the way if she had let the men rape her, then she may have got 100 lashes for being found guilty of having pre-maritial sex.

Overseas pressure can and often has saved people from the death penalty. If enough people pressure their Governments to register concern, it will have an impact.

Send an e-mail, or even better a snail mail letter, to our Minister of Foreign Affairs asking him to contact the Iranian Government to help save Nazanin from being executed.

Hat Tip: Juha

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